very tiny songs

by Honeyuck

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this summer was full of unrequited love and powdered donuts; our hearts were as broken as half the slushy machines in town. but we still managed 2 make some cool jams in the meantime


released August 24, 2015

a special thanks 2 the heart-breakin cute boys who inspired us 2 write these songs we hate u xoxo

also 2 hannah's dogs 4 providing love and support



all rights reserved


Honeyuck Satellite Beach, Florida

just 2 cute girls making cute tunes

we've got tapes now check em out @ the link below!!!

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Track Name: school starts
school starts in the middle of august
school starts and im feeling quite nauseous
i am the scapegoat
for everyone to say
if u cant succeed
well look at her
well look at me tho

school ends at the end of december
everything i learned i won't remember
all of the time spent
all the money i spent
i won't get back
but they say wow
she's so smart now
Track Name: talentless
It takes a lot of time
to get it right
it takes a lot of nerve
to say it's over

so why oh why oh why can't I
get a grip on it
at least if i never try
I'll never be disappointed

he's pretty talentless
he's going nowhere
and if he hung around
he'd only bring me down

so why oh why oh why can't I
say that and really mean it
without feeling rude
when I'm rude pretty often

It takes a lot of time
to get it right
it takes a lot of nerve
to say it's over
Track Name: strawberries
You're the cutest thing I've seen
I think we've hung out in my dreams
at least 10 times since we first met
and I don't know your name yet

Strawberries they can't compare
to how sweet you look just standing there
your back to me and looking down
why won't you turn around?

Cause your eyes are not blue
they're the best part about you
they're ink inside my pen
i wanna see them again

When you speak I don't hear words come out
cause I'm busy looking at your mouth
it must be soft and nice to kiss
if i asked you would you lend it

To me maybe just for today
or longer if you wanna stay
in the grass in the afternoon
we won't have to move

All the leaves have turned brown
I can't think with you around
you're ink inside my pen
when will i see you again?
Track Name: drive-thru
i try to see the love in everything
and i am told that there is feeling
in the birds and the bees and the bark on the trees
in math equations and everything that u read

sitting in the drive-thru
u made me fall in love with u
i didn't mean to
i only wanted something to do

if i could figure out how to pray
i'd ask for mercy nearly every single day
i know that there must be a god
cause i can sense his presence a lot

he's in the way u move
and the way u tie ur shoes
i didn't eat my food
but it's ok u didn't eat urs too
Track Name: pretty happy
We're dead and gone again
pretty quickly
all of the good times disappearing
on and off
like a light switch
love me or hate me
you just don't know which

but now i'M FREE
of all the added drama
I'll never hold your hand again
that is
unless you wanna

I'm feeling good again
pretty happy
all of the bad stuff right behind me
but it's just
close enough to
keep on keep on
reminding me of you

but now i'M FREE
of all the added drama
I'll never hold your hand again
that is
unless you wanna
Track Name: softboy
softboy u drive me crazy
softboy ur face is getting hazy

softboy y did u pass up love
softboy cant u see that that fucked up

u practically live down the street
but we haven't hung out in weeks
i picture u inside ur room
if ur not careful it will be ur tomb

softboy ur acting like a dick
but i won't be the one to say it
Track Name: wasted eyes
every person wants somebody to keep them company
bc the company is free
but u never invite me

every person wants somebody to tell them they look good
and im not saying that u should
but i u don't who would

i will close ur wasted eyes
if ur tired
im tired